this is one of my favorite books includeing the harry potter series and stephen king. when i picked up this book i saw the dragon on the cover and being that i like dragons i did not have to give it a second glance. I read the front flap and knew i had to get it. well any way about the story, its about this kid named eragon to clear it up its not the dragon her name is saphare in the middle i realy got into it. i liked from the start, and i hope you will to i defenlty recomand it. ive read the 2nd one to and i cant wait for the thrid one.
this is one of the best books i have ever read as stephen kings first novel stephen king thought it was a peace of garbage realy he thorugh it in the trash but his wife thought different and sent it to a puplisher. this was my third king novel and one of his best i thought but most of his stuff is really good in this story carrie white strugles in school in part because of her crazy astranged rilligos mother she never really learned about anything inporntent. but if you like kings works and havent read this you really should
Fixed: Guessing that the book is Eragon.
This is one of my favorite books, so are the Harry Potter series and Stephen King books. When I picked up this book, I saw the dragon on the cover and seeing as I like dragons I didn’t have to give it a second glance. I read the front cover and I knew I had to get it. The story is about this boy named Eragon. To clear things up, Eragon is not the dragon, the dragon’s name is Saphire. In the middle of the book is when I got really into it, however I did like it right from the start. I hope you will enjoy this book too, I recommend it. I have also read the second book and I can’t wait to read the third.
Fixed: Guessing that the book is Carrie.
This is one of the best books I have ever read. As Stephen King’s first novel, he himself thought it was a piece of garbage, he actually thought it was trash. His wife thought differently so she sent it in to a publisher. This was the third King novel I have read, and I think it’s one of his best. Most of his novels are really good. In this story, Carrie White struggles in school, partly because of her crazy, strange and religious mother; she never really learned anything important. If you like King’s work and you haven’t read this yet, you really should.


“Capturing a Moment” Assignment

Picture #1:

Campaigning for Equality

Story – “Legalizing Love”: a campaign for gay rights.

In this picture we see two men supporting the cause by showing their affection for eachother. With the help of posters, T-Shirts, bumper stickers, wristbands, other campaigners and a simple kiss, they are are helping to support the cause.

Picture #2:

Motherly Love Forever

Story – No matter how old you are, or what sport you play, you will always have your mother’s love and support.

Group Work – Atrocities

Questions to answer:

  1. What happened?
  2. When/where did the atrocity take place?
  3. Why do you think it wasn’t reported?
  4. What were the effects?
  5. Was there any relief for victims, etc?
  6. Where did you find this story? What news agency, etc?
  7. Had you heard of this before?

Atrocity #1:

  • A hundred young Taliban fighters killed as they hide in school in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan
  • November 14th 2001
  • Probably because it wasn’t close by
  • Several deaths of young fighters who didn’t have much military training
  • The UN was there
  • The Telegraph
  • I had never heard of this event before

Atrocity #2:

  • Congo have accused the Rwandan rebels of grave human rights violations
  • May 24th 2002, Congo Africa
  • Happened in Africa
  • 18 people were executed, 5, thought to be Rwandans, were killed.
  • The UN was invovled
  • BBC News
  • Never heard of these events

Atrocity #3:

  • A 7.6 Magnitude Earthquake in El Salvador
  • January 13th 2001
  • Killed at least 944 killed, 5,565 injured, 108,261 houses destroyed, 169,692 houses damaged, 150,000 buildings were damaged, caused earthquake. Destruction of almost $7 million municipal water drinking systems.
  • American Red Cross
  • Wikipedia, United States Geological Survey
  • Nope.

Atrocity #4:

  • A 6.6 Magnitude earthquake in El Salvador
  • February 14th 2001
  • Killed at least 400 people
  • American Red Cross
  • Wikipedia, United States Geographical Survey
  • Never

Atrocity #5:,32357449&dq=atrocities&hl=en

  • War in Liberia forces 200,000 civilians to flee
  • July 22nd 2002. Liberia
  • It was in the NewsPaper
  • People from Fassankoni, Guinea were hiding because of Liberia war, they were looting, raping, burning and killing trapped villagers.
  • UN was involved
  • Philippine Daily Inquirer
  • No, I was 9 years old

never forgetting 9/11

11 years ago, between 8:45am and 9:15am, something happened while I was at school and I didn’t hear about it until 3:45pm that afternoon.

I remember walking into my house and hearing just the T.V. on in the living room, this was really weird because usually my family is busy talking and walking around the house, but this day everyone was in the living room. They were all just staring at the screen and when I looked to see what they were watching I didn’t know what I was looking at. I remember asking my dad where the event was, and my mom answering and telling me in was in New York, which is in the States.

My mother spoke with panic in her voice while on the phone with my aunt because another of her sisters had just been in New York so my mom was making sure she was no longer there. The aunt that had been in New York was my younger brother’s god-mother, so he started to cry but my parents made sure he knew that she was okay.

I still had no idea what happened, or even why it was happening. I wasn’t scared, I was just confused but had no idea what to say or ask. I remember staying quiet and just sitting down on the floor in front of the T.V. as the different videos of the tragedy showed up on the screen. We all stayed staring for about half an hour and then when it changed to the news people, I got up and walked to my room to do my homework. It hadn’t really affected me, and I guess because I didn’t really know what was happening and because I didn’t know anyone that lived in New York, that I didn’t really care at the age of 8.

The only time I was really clear about the event was in 2006 when World Trade Center came out; I watched that movie and recalled the event that I hadn’t understood. That movie probably helped a lot of people understand the event, and I’m grateful that it clarified things for me.