Group Work – Atrocities

Questions to answer:

  1. What happened?
  2. When/where did the atrocity take place?
  3. Why do you think it wasn’t reported?
  4. What were the effects?
  5. Was there any relief for victims, etc?
  6. Where did you find this story? What news agency, etc?
  7. Had you heard of this before?

Atrocity #1:

  • A hundred young Taliban fighters killed as they hide in school in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan
  • November 14th 2001
  • Probably because it wasn’t close by
  • Several deaths of young fighters who didn’t have much military training
  • The UN was there
  • The Telegraph
  • I had never heard of this event before

Atrocity #2:

  • Congo have accused the Rwandan rebels of grave human rights violations
  • May 24th 2002, Congo Africa
  • Happened in Africa
  • 18 people were executed, 5, thought to be Rwandans, were killed.
  • The UN was invovled
  • BBC News
  • Never heard of these events

Atrocity #3:

  • A 7.6 Magnitude Earthquake in El Salvador
  • January 13th 2001
  • Killed at least 944 killed, 5,565 injured, 108,261 houses destroyed, 169,692 houses damaged, 150,000 buildings were damaged, caused earthquake. Destruction of almost $7 million municipal water drinking systems.
  • American Red Cross
  • Wikipedia, United States Geological Survey
  • Nope.

Atrocity #4:

  • A 6.6 Magnitude earthquake in El Salvador
  • February 14th 2001
  • Killed at least 400 people
  • American Red Cross
  • Wikipedia, United States Geographical Survey
  • Never

Atrocity #5:,32357449&dq=atrocities&hl=en

  • War in Liberia forces 200,000 civilians to flee
  • July 22nd 2002. Liberia
  • It was in the NewsPaper
  • People from Fassankoni, Guinea were hiding because of Liberia war, they were looting, raping, burning and killing trapped villagers.
  • UN was involved
  • Philippine Daily Inquirer
  • No, I was 9 years old

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