Proposed – Approved


Hook #2:

Are you in the fall mood to start drinking hot chocolate but feel it still isn’t cold enough to have such a hot drink? Get a load of this Frozen Hot Chocolate recipe and video on how to make it!

  • I will list the recipe
  • I will even include how many calories will be in the drink, showing that although there’s sugar, the drink isn’t that fattening.

How to make a Frozen Hot Chocolate: Ingredients/Equipment/Recipe/Tutorial – Put one and a half cups of crushed ice in blender. Pour about a cup of milk (any kind) into blender. Put two spoons full of Cocoa in blender, then two spoons full of hot chocolate mix and (optional) two spoons full of sugar in blender. Put cover on blender. Blend at the highest level, wait until smooth. *You may have to mix with a spoon at times to make sure all the dry products get blended properly.* Pour generously into a TALL glass, maybe two 😉 ENJOY !!


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