The Verve Party

On September 12th, 2012 I went to a Verve Party at my friend Courtney Rodgers’ house. The point of her having this party was to get myself and a few of her friends interested in a company called Vemma. I am not at liberty to discuss everything about it unless it were with people who I would promote to. The reason I’m writing about it is because it had an important effect on me and I wanted to share my experience.
I wasn’t aware of what kind of get together I was walking into when I stepped into Courtney’s house; but knowing her, I knew it would be interesting. I honestly thought she needed help with perhaps a survey for a class or something and was asking us over to take surveys. That idea was shot down as soon as she mentioned that she wanted to talk to us about a business that her, her boyfriend, his mother and many others want to make known in Quebec.
She told us how how this company is very successful in the United States and in Toronto. Many people have jobs with the company and are making great money, weekly. The point of her telling us about all of this was to get us to join her team; I was so intrigued by the idea that a few days after the meeting, I joined and now I’m going to be doing the things Courtney did and is still doing.
Although my parents were skeptical about me doing this, I trust Courtney and the people I got to speak to about the product and job. We will work as a team and hopefully get Dawson students involved as well. I think that with a bit of my time and attention, I could start making good money and hopefully do something amazing with it; perhaps move out, or send my parents on a trip.
That’s thinking long-term but it’s also thinking positively. I believe I have the proper communication skills to get people to want to get involved, so hopefully they pay off.